Emerson Helps Reliability Teams Reduce Downtime with Eddy Current Measurement Chain Solution

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AMS EZ 1000 offers in-the-field calibration and an improved design to increase operational flexibility

AUSTIN, TEXAS (November 9, 2017) — Emerson’s newest eddy current measurement chain solution helps reliability organizations shorten process downtime by eliminating factory calibration and delays in acquiring replacement parts. Traditional eddy current chains are complex, and part management is difficult. With the new AMS EZ 1000 eddy current signal digital converter, Emerson reduces measurement chain complexity by moving from multiple converters to a single user configurable digital converter, enabling easy in-the-field calibration.

Organizations can shorten the length of process shutdowns due to measurement chain failures with a single, do-it-all AMS EZ 1000 digital converter that can be configured to support all eddy current sensors in the field. The single converter—that technicians configure and calibrate digitally via USB—is compatible even with third-party sensors. Users no longer must incur downtime while waiting for factory calibration of replacement parts.  

Because a single AMS EZ 1000 digital converter can be easily configured and calibrated on-site for many different applications, part numbers are decreased by nearly 90%, ultimately reducing spare parts footprint and management requirements. Users simply start the configuration software, enter chain details such as sensor type, cable length, and measurement ranges, and perform one-step automated calibration to prepare the measurement chain for use.

Eddy current sensors are a fundamental technology for identifying displacement in turbomachinery, and can be critical in identifying developing faults that can ultimately lead to production shutdowns such as misalignment, imbalance, and bowed shafts. The AMS EZ 1000 digital converter simplifies the chain ordering process and further reduces lead time by allowing users to order a single converter part number for use with any length or type of 5 or 8 mm sensor. Organizations can replace all third-party converters with a single AMS EZ 1000 digital converter, reducing necessary spares.

The new AMS EZ measurement chain equipment complies with API 670 certification and is certified for installation in environments where Class 1 Div2/ATEX Zone 2 approvals are required. To add further flexibility, Emerson has built the EZ 1000 to survive tough plant environments and improve installation ease with steel-shielded cabling, enhanced oil tightness, and easy-to-use twist connections.

“With more flexible eddy current measurement equipment, customers can avoid the eddy current chain extending process downtime and eliminate yet another potential obstacle to production availability,” said Björn Müller, systems and sensors product manager at Emerson Automation Solutions.

See the AMS EZ 1000 launch at the 2017 Turbomachinery & Pumps Symposia, Dec 12-14, 2017 in Houston, Texas: http://tps.tamu.edu

For more information on the AMS EZ 1000, visit www.emerson.com/eddycurrent.

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