For the highest level of comfort, only the best will do

Never before have designer products been more in demand. From specialty coffees and bottled waters to customized lighting and designer clothing, the difference is in the details. And what detail is more important than the quality and comfort of the air in which they live and work? Designer Air is a new way to upsell customers to higher-efficiency systems that deliver the highest level of comfort to private residences and businesses.

Designer Air sets the right atmosphere with air that is:

  • The right temperature all the time
  • Never too humid or too dry
  • Fresh, light and clean

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Choosing the right air conditioner means everyone can enjoy the comfort of home

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Meet efficiency and comfort demands with Copeland Scroll™ variable speed

New Homeowner Research

Emerson Climate Technologies recently conducted a survey of approximately 1,500 U.S. homeowners to determine the most important features they consider when purchasing air conditioning and heating systems, what typifies a high degree of satisfaction with their HVAC contractor, and what factors might be preventing someone from buying a new HVAC system if they own an older, more problem prone system.

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