Packing & Palletizing

Emerson delivers solutions for high-speed case and tray erecting, packing, testing and palletizing.

Optimize Your Automated Packaging Systems

Our automation components accelerate carton and tray assembly, product loading and pallet forming to maximize density, prevent damage and boost output. We offer customized solutions for packing and palletizing equipment used in consumer goods, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. 

Packing and Palletizing Solutions

Pick and Place Automation

Emerson pneumatic valves, cylinders, slide and vacuum products orchestrate precise and repeatable product placement in cases, trays and onto pallets. Our Fieldbus solutions enable smart, efficient communication between systems, sensors and devices that ensure you have  the data needed to make continuous optimizations.  

Erecting Systems

Our components for high-speed erecting systems create consistent cases and trays for a range of product shapes and sizes. Meet high-volume production demands with quick setup, easy automated system integration, fast assembly cycles and fewer rejected cases and trays. Our vacuum cups, finger grippers, pusher slides and cylinders give your packaging systems the functionality needed for quick changeover, improving output and performance. 

Power Quality

Power can be a dynamic variable when automating the bottle forming process. Establish and maintain total power quality control throughout your facility with Emerson power solutions. Stabilize, control and manage the power your equipment needs from the service entrance to points of use throughout your facility. Power your packaging applications with our line-up of power conditioners, filters, transformers, and UPS products. Partner with us to prevent costly downtime due to voltage sags and power outages.

Leak Testing

Package and ship your products with confidence. Emerson provides advanced testing systems that provide in-line leak testing capability to detect and reject leaks of modified atmosphere from cases and trays that contain damaged or defective products. 

IP67 Electrical Components

Our wash down-ready controls, stainless-steel fittings and cable connectors stand up to frequent high-pressure cleanings. Whether your operation requires freestanding or integrated components, we have a solution to meet your needs and extend the life of your facilities.

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