Blister Packaging

Protect against contaminants, leaks and tears with secure blister packaging solutions.

Controls and Seals for Safer, Tear-Evident Packaging

Emerson solutions for blister packaging can improve cycle times, make power usage more efficient and ensure predictable uptime. Precision plastic joining and leak-detection technology work together to ensure safe, tamper-resistant seals for food, consumer products and pharmaceutical packaging applications.

Blister Packaging Solutions

Tray Filling and Forming

Emerson designs cylinders and valves that control motion, air, and vacuum for the shaping and sealing of product trays. Proportional valves also ensure precise control of the plastic film feed that seals product inside the formed trays.

Our components ensure sequential movement through the line to help reduce downtime. Our Numasizing tool, can help you predict cycle rates and energy consumption to optimize machine efficiency. To speed your time to startup, work with our application experts to build your machines more efficiently and with shorter lead times. 

Film and Package Sealing

Emerson ultrasonic welding technology creates safe, tamper-evident seals for blister and clamshell packages. Meet high-volume production demands with fast weld cycles and fewer rejected products. By eliminating consumables, you can reduce materials and package size, cutting costs across an entire value chain. Ultrasonic sealing provides up to 25% energy savings, cuts carbon footprints up to 75% and is compatible with recyclable and bio materials.

Leak Testing

Advanced leak detection and rejection systems for a wide range of applications including food, beverages and pharmaceuticals. Our in-line systems detect LPG, R134a, CO2, N2O and DME and more, and then immediately reject leaking containers to prevent fire, health risks and contamination. With 100% online testing, we deliver instantaneous analyses with highly sensitive and accurate results that optimize quality, improve compliance and reduce costs.

Power Quality

Power can be a dynamic variable when automating the packaging process. Establish and maintain total power quality control throughout your operations with Emerson power products. Stabilize, control and manage the power your equipment needs from the service entrance to points of use throughout your facility. Power your packaging applications with our line-up of power conditioners, filters, transformers, and UPS products. Partner with us to prevent costly downtime due to voltage sags and power outages.

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