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Pipeline Integrity & Leak Detection

Ensuring reliable integrity and leak detection of your pipeline can be done easily and remotely with the right technology.

Managing A Strong Pipeline With Smart Measurement Solutions

Maintaining pipeline integrity is key to long-term operational certainty, but properly identifying potential points of failure, managing pressure control/protection systems, and monitoring corrosion/erosion and right-of-way intrusions place more burdens on already critical pipeline operations. Emerson’s suite of pipeline management solutions can help you safely detect, control and manage leaks and other critical events to ensure continued and efficient operation of your pipeline.

Solution In Action

While there are many threats to the integrity of a pipeline, undetected corrosion or erosion can lead directly to catastrophic events resulting in unscheduled shutdowns, lost production and potentially loss of property and life. With Emerson’s pipeline management solutions, real-time progression of corrosion and erosion can be monitored from anywhere, providing time to properly address the issue rather than react to it.

Detecting leaks in your pipeline network is critical, but ineffective pipeline integrity programs can result in a lack of actionable data, failure to detect small leaks and false alarms that take operators away from real situations that can lead to critical events.  Emerson offers state-of-the-art technologies to provide accurate flow rate measurement and optimized computational pipeline monitoring to ensure pipeline reliability and maximize return on leak detection investment.

The pipeline control room is the critical operations center for safe, reliable operation, but any lack of visibility to the field can prevent timely reaction to demand situations and critical events that could negatively impact contractual requirements and deliveries. With Emerson’s operational solutions, your pipeline is continuously monitored to avoid potential integrity issues and minimize false alarms so that operators can focus on the work at hand and keep your operation running smoothly.

Liquid pipeline operating pressure controls are paramount to safe operations, and uncontrolled surges can lead to loss of assets, property, life and extensive environmental damages, especially in the event the pipeline ruptures. With Emerson’s automated control solutions, surge liquids can be captured and stored for reinjection into the pipelines to minimize surge effects, reduce risks and avoid shutdowns or additional issues that could negatively affect your operation.

If a critical event occurs that requires pipeline segments to be isolated, it is crucial that the shutdown and isolation occurs in a safe and timely manner. Failure to do so can result in surge events, pipeline ruptures or potential loss of property or life. Emerson provides valve isolation and control solutions to minimize shutdown time and ensure potential issues are isolated and controlled without hurting to your operation or your employees.

Tracking pipeline inspection gauges (PIGs) during cleaning and inspection operations is a key component of most liquid transfer operations, providing valuable insight and helping identify risks to pipeline integrity.  Emerson’s non-intrusive PIG detection technologies identify the acoustic emissions of passing PIGs as they move through production pipelines and translate them into actionable data to keep the lines clear of accumulated debris and functioning properly.

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