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Produced Fluids Management

Meet production targets, reduce HSE risk, and improve operating efficiency

Achieve Greater Control for Maximum Safety and Cash Flow

As a storage and transfer operator, you strive to ensure accurate production accounting while controlling lease operating expenses. In this challenging environment, it is critical your operation can rely on accurate and reliable measurement to ensure allocation and accounting certainty, achieve efficient vapor control and recovery, minimize emissions, and manage fiscal risk. 

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Improve Well Pad Tank Management with Emerson’s Produced Fluids Management Solutions

Solution in Action

Management of well pad inventory, allocation and custody transfer is key to reducing production management uncertainty and fiscal risk. Tank management software, automated custody transfer systems, and remote operation controllers provide the means to automate your operations. This can minimize total unaccounted for uncertainty while reducing operating costs. Reliable flow and level measurement enable timely pay / check haul verifications.

Effective tank vapor control begins with ensuring tighter control of blanket pressures and gas consumption. This helps to minimize hydrocarbon loss and the potential for gas pad contamination and oxygen ingress into the tank, while also mitigating tank damage. Emergency vent / vacuum relief valves and flame arrestors prevent tank damage and fires due to abnormal situations and pressure surges, while accurate flare monitoring ensures environmental compliance.

Regulatory compliance and the potential to recover lost production is driving the increasing usage of vapor recovery units. For effective recovery of higher BTU value gas vapors and NGLs, an Emerson Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) reduces lost production and provides reliable, on-demand operation with lower maintenance. The increase in recovered gas and NGL's often pays the cost of a vapor recovery unit in less than one year. 

Minimizing emissions, preventing overfilling, and improving the safety of storage tanks are critical, especially with tank emissions regulations increasing. Emerson’s emergency relief valve monitoring ensures a quick response to upsets, minimizing emissions and fines and flame arrestors prevent catastrophic fires. Reliable, high level monitoring prevents overfilling, and leak detection allows for faster response to any leakage. These early indicators help you to ensure HSE compliance.

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