Artificial Lift

Improve well efficiency and production with integrated, customized artificial lift drive and motor solutions.

Reliable And Efficient Solutions To Increase Well Production

For operations employing artificial lift processes, issues of high-cost, limited flexibility and system effectiveness can limit profitability.  Emerson offers a range of artificial lift optimization solutions and services with easily-configurable systems to maximize efficiency, optimize performance and protect system integrity.


Optimizing Production Through Improved Artificial Lift

Solution in Action

Profitability Improvement

Operations using artificial gas lift – particularly when optimizing distribution to multiple wells at once – are constantly facing operational constraints, such as limited gas availability and compression, separator and water handling capacity. With artificial lift optimization software that dynamically responds to constraints and changing well production compositions, operators can maximize production and enhance profitability under challenging constraints.

Integrated Well Testing

Whether operating or constructing onshore production fields or offshore platforms, the high costs and risks involved with managing complexities, meeting frequency and accuracy requirements, conducting reactive maintenance, and addressing potential hazards can lead to sub-optimal production decisions.  Automation optimization through Emerson’s integrated well testing solutions can identify problems earlier to help maximize production, minimize maintenance operations and mitigate safety issues.

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