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Allocation Measurement

Gain better insight into your operation with accurate flow and allocation measurement solutions. 

Using Accurate Data For Consistent Flow And Allocation

Faulty and/or inaccurate flow and allocation measurement can negatively impact the optimization and profitability of oil & gas well operations. To help minimize over/under allocation, Emerson offers cost-effective tools and extensive expertise to help determine fluid composition, enhance mass and density measurement, and ensure efficient operation and adequate well production management.

Media & Case Studies

Emerson's Dew Divakaran describes how oil & gas producers can simplify well testing operations through Emerson flow measurement and management technologies.

Solution in Action

Accurate and repeatable measurement results are key to gaining insight into well production for field management and optimization. But manual well testing often introduces error because of inconsistent scheduling, incorrect well line-ups and manual readings. Emerson’s state-of-the-art output measurement technology employs effective and consistent well-testing controls to address issues of timeliness, repeatability and accuracy of well test operations.

Continuous updating and validation of well test data is necessary for accurate allocation, but manually collecting and manipulating that data can be time consuming, and could render that information obsolete by the time it’s used in the field. Emerson’s automated well test validation and data collection relieves you from spending effort on low value added tasks while also ensuring the information collected is trustworthy and timely for making important production decisions.

Test separators for hydrocarbon flow measurement are prohibitively expensive, cumbersome and only give periodic production information. Emerson’s direct measurement solutions decrease capital expense by eliminating the need for test separation equipment, and allow for direct hydrocarbon flow measurement at the wellhead for continuous data acquisition, thereby reducing footprint and eliminating test time.

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