LNG Carrier

LNG Carrier

Solutions for LNG carriers, for custody transfer and safer operation with greater precision.

Operate Under Extreme Conditions

Avoid dangerous situations on board your LNG carrier with a vast range of subsystems, such as reliable LNG radar based custody transfer and advanced safety features for emergency equipment back-up. These solutions are vital for LNG carriers to ensure compliance with stricter safety and environmental regulations. Ensure high profitability and reliable operation without compromising safety by choosing Emerson’s LNG solutions, tried-and-tested around the world.

Solutions in Action

  • Precise and reliable dual measurement system with single still pipe for both primary and secondary custody transfer
  • Real-time data and uninterrupted system uptime to maximize profitability

The radar based custody transfer system is the best choice when you need a highly accurate LNG measurement and a solution in compliance with marine regulations as well as international custody transfer standards. You get a system you can trust to provide precise data for fiscal transactions even in harsh marine conditions.

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  • Manage fuel costs with fuel consumption measurements
  • Prevent theft and adulteration with certified bunker measurements
  • Easy and effective fuel switching process for ECA compliance.

Fuel measurement is an important parameter that contributes to the overall fuel efficiency of a vessel. All applications require highly accurate and reliable measurement for tighter control and management of fuel burned to realize savings and potential reduction of emissions. Combining fuel measurements with existing tank and flow measurements will yield outstanding fuel integrity securing against theft or adulteration. The fast data flow will enable an up-to-date fleet wide energy baseline and real-time data for in-depth knowledge and efficient planning.

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  • Large range of actuators cover your specifications for the cryogenic valves on board the LNG carrier
  • Specific features to ensure high safety and redundancy when required

A high safety level is important when transporting LNG and this is also a focus for the Valve Remote Control System. Redundant indicators, power units and our patented Emergency Shutdown (ESD) functions - all contribute to ensure the safety requirements are met on board the LNG carrier.

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  • Cost efficient with low need for maintenance
  • Easy Access remote maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Flexibility with wide range of tank level gauging technologies

For measuring level in ballast and service tanks, different technologies can be used, such as electro-pneumatic systems, electric pressure sensors and tank level transmitters.

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