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Container Vessel

Robust, compact, low maintenance container ship solutions scalable to your application

Big Gets Bigger

The tendency in the ship design is that big gets bigger with TEUs increasing. To ensure profitable transport many ship constructions focus on increasing cargo space, which gives minimal space for equipment. Your need for compact and flexible solutions makes Emerson’s innovative marine systems your first choice..

Solutions in Action

  • Intuitive user interface for fast and easy learnings
  • Enhance safety with integrated and accurate trim, list and draft readings

The Integrated Control and Monitoring System is a cost-effective solution, modular and scalable to the specific needs of your container vessel. Easy add on of subsystem functionalities provides a flexible customized system with upgrade possibilities.

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  • Manage fuel costs with fuel consumption measurements
  • Prevent theft and adulteration with certified bunker measurements
  • Easy and effective fuel switching process for ECA compliance.

Fuel measurement is an important parameter that contributes to the overall fuel efficiency of a vessel. All applications require highly accurate and reliable measurement for tighter control and management of fuel burned to realize savings and potential reduction of emissions. Combining fuel measurements with existing tank and flow measurements will yield outstanding fuel integrity securing against theft or adulteration. The fast data flow will enable an up-to-date fleet wide energy baseline and real-time data for in-depth knowledge and efficient planning.

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  • Emergency operations with firm mounted or bulkhead mounted LPU and hand pump for manual usage
  • No need for hydraulic power units, valve cabinets or hydraulic piping and little required space makes this solution ideal for container vessels.

The Electro-Hydraulic solution is a great choice for container vessels due to it’s compact design that requires a minimum of space. You will achieve a reduction in installation costs by choosing this solution as this requires no hydraulic piping. You can cost-optimize even more by choosing a BUS-option which requires less cabling, less I/O modules and smaller interface cabinets.

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  • Cost efficient with low need for maintenance
  • Easy Access remote maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Flexibility with wide range of tank level gauging technologies

For measuring level in ballast and service tanks, different technologies can be used, such as electro-pneumatic systems, electric pressure sensors and tank level transmitters.

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  • Advanced alarm filtering and distribution, enabling alarm indications at the right locations and in relevant situations
  • Integrated audiovisual annunciations benefitting all on board – from captain to on duty engineers

The Alarm Monitoring System is flexible and can be set up to enable alarm indications at given locations, such as on workstations, alarm panels in accommodation or public areas to ensure the correct visualization.

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  • Integrate and interface to numerous different transmitters and subsystems to broaden the operational overview.
  • Customize the range for the specific requirements of your vessel.

Various auxiliary measurements and sub-systems can be interfaced and built into the Integrated Control and Monitoring System. This will give your operators advantageous opportunity to plan, monitor and react to disruptions that interfere with operations.

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