Valve Remote Control Systems

All types of marine valve actuation with high quality, robust and compact actuators providing high torque in any conditions.

Long Life at Sea, Tried-and-tested in World Fleet

Enhance operational continuity and save costs with minimal maintenance and in compliance with environmental regulations. Valve Remote Control solutions are custom-made and scalable solutions for hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electric & pneumatic actuation that meet your specific marine applications.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Solutions in Action

Hydraulic Valve Remote Control

The Hydraulic Valve Remote Control System is the right choice for flexibility of installation locations, like on deck, submerged or explosive areas. The system covers a wide range of actuators, both quarter-turn and linear with compact and robust design covering the majority of marine valves. The system is engineered specifically with the characteristics of life at sea in mind.

Electro-Hydraulic Valve Remote Control

The electro-hydraulic Valve Remote Control System is chosen when space is limited and control via electrical connections (power-or bus-controlled) is requested. The electro-hydraulic system can be mounted on actuator or bulkhead mounted. The Local Power Unit (LPU) includes a patented variable hydraulic pump able to perform at low speed, minimizing energy consumption without compromising operational performance.

Pneumatic Valve Remote Control

The Pneumatic Valve Remote Control System is chosen when space is limited and high corrosive environment is observed. Because of high salinity concentration in the marine application, the pneumatic actuator is rugged with cast aluminum bodies and advanced powder coated finishing providing corrosion protection.

Electric Valve Remote Control

The Electric Valve Remote Control System is ideal to meet cost effective and stringent srequirements in the marine industry. With compact, lightweight, reliable, and robust performance to withstand severe marine environments and adhere to US Navy standards, our electric actuators eliminate need to replace entire electrical package, available in many configurations, and simplifies maintenance.

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