Cargo Monitoring Systems

Utilize a robust radar-based cargo monitoring system that will enhance your operational visibility and effectiveness. 

Ensure Safe, Profitable and Efficient Cargo Operations

You’ll start with a robust radar-based cargo monitoring system that you can rely on to deliver accurate cargo level measurements, and you'll use its diagnostic capabilities to expand your crew's effectiveness. If issues arise, you can call our Emerson service team to support you anytime, anywhere.

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Reliability Above All – Cargo Monitoring System

Emerson Göteborg Sweden, Brand New Rosemount Radar Technology Facility

Solutions in Action

  • Full range of tank radar gauges made for offshore and marine
  • Superior quality and performance under all measurement conditions
  • Integration of radar based high level and overfill alarm

Tank radar gauges are part of one of the most critical systems onboard any tanker, the Cargo Monitoring System. Emerson ensures that you will have the broadest selection of solutions and the most reliable, accurate measurements regardless of conditions onboard.

  • Accurate and reliable measurement of cargo tank vapor pressure
  • Integrated in tank radar gauge, no additional installation and good protection from environment

Measuring the inert gas or vapor pressure in cargo tanks is important for safe and efficient operation onboard tankers. Emerson offers vapor pressure sensors that are highly accurate and integrated in the tank radar gauges. The solution fulfills the SOLAS rules for secondary means of vapor protection.

  • Accurate and reliable measurement of cargo tank temperature
  • Resistance temperature detectors (Pt-100) in thermowell with temperature transmitter on top
  • Fieldbus integration to tank radar gauge

For many tankers, it is important to have full control over the temperature in the cargo tanks, both for operational needs where some liquids require transportation at specific temperatures and also for safety. Determination of standardized cargo quantity requires precise knowledge of the temperature. The Emerson temperature measuring units provide quality data through integrated solutions as part of the cargo monitoring system.

  • Interact with the cargo monitoring system through easy-to-use human machine interface
  • Seamlessly integrate to other systems onboard

For the crew onboard, it is vital to have easy-to-use and reliable monitoring and communication solutions onboard. Emerson has solutions for reliable and redundant monitoring of field devices, with complete diagnostics for maximum availability. With our workstations, you will have state-of–the-art human machine interface solution.

  • Integrated, yet fully independent radar based high level and overfill alarm
  • Up to 3 radar channels measuring in same unit on one deck penetration

High level and overfill alarm systems are important for tankers and offshore storage facilities. Emerson has unique, patented solutions for measuring with 2 or even 3 radar channels in one unit, providing independent output signals that can be used for high level and overfill alarm. 

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