Auxiliary Measurement Systems

Achieve extended onboard integration with your Integrated Control and Monitoring System

Extended Onboard Integration

The system includes several functionalities, such as engine monitoring, power management, pump and manifold control, draft, trim and heel monitoring as well as pressure, temperature and other measurements. The system can interface to Emerson and non-Emerson equipment and ensures trouble-free onboard integration.

Solutions in Action

  • Monitor engine performance with easy to use configurable software
  • Separate monitoring of main and auxiliary engines for detailed insight

The engine monitoring functionality is a fully integrated part of our Integrated Control and Monitoring System. This functionality gives detailed insight into engine performance and via real-time data, provides the information needed for the operators to take action in case of decreased performance. 

  • Control and monitor power management system performance with easy to use configurable software
  • Intuitive flow oriented mimics provide immediate overview

The Power Management System (PMS) can be fully integrated in the Integrated Control and Monitoring System. This functionality gives detailed operational control of all individual components in the power management system. Operators can take immediate actions to ensure better operational continuity.

  • Monitor pressure and pump status for reliable fluid management
  • Fully integrated with Tank Level Gauging and Cargo Monitoring Systems
  • Install the drop-in-ready Rosemount 2051 Pressure Transmitter – fully assembled to manifold

The Pump and Manifold Control functionality is fully integrated and intuitively visualized in the Integrated Control and Monitoring System.

  • Reliable indication of the trim and heel of the vessel

  • Measure draft with Emerson level gauges for high accuracy

By monitoring the draft, trim and heel, you will get reliable indication of the longitudinal and transverse angle/position of your vessel in the water. This is done either by using compensated draft values or an electronic inclinometer.

  • Measure pressure and temperature anywhere on board for improved operations
  • Choose between a vast range of Emerson products with wired or wireless connectivity

Emerson offers a wide range of marine transmitters, such as temperature, flow and pressure, both wired and wireless, for mounting on deck and below deck. Achieve easy, secure communications with our self-configuring WirelessHART® protocol and realize significant cost savings on installation and wiring.

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