Alarm Monitoring Systems

Alarm Monitoring Systems

Enhance both efficiency and safety on board your ship with Emerson's Aperio Alarm Monitoring system.

Increase visibility into your ship's operation

Any disruption can in your ship's operation can cause damages, resulting in costly setbacks and increased risk to your crew, passengers, cargo and vessel. Detect abnormal situations and take action before a disruption occurs. The alarm system is used to monitor onboard functions, such as engines, generators and other service systems.

Solutions in Action

  • Advanced alarm filtering and distribution, enabling alarm indications at the right locations and in relevant situations
  • Integrated audiovisual annunciations benefitting all on board – from captain to on duty engineers

Alarms can be presented on workstations as well as on alarm panels in your accommodation and public areas. The Alarm Monitoring System is flexible and can be set up to enable alarm indications at given locations to ensure the correct visualization and handling

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