Medical Device Cleaning & Processing

Solving the challenges of high precision processing and cleaning for orthopedic and surgical equipment manufacturers.

Industry-Leading Medical Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning and modifying the surface properties of orthopedic and surgical equipment are critical steps in delivering medical devices to market. Our scientific know-how for cleaning process development will put you at ease as you navigate today’s regulatory environment. Since every application is unique, Branson works with you to determine the most appropriate, effective cleaning process and equipment. 

Cleaning and Processing for Medical Applications

Orthopedic Implants

Medical implants to replace injured or deteriorated joints have proliferated, posing unique cleaning challenges due to the variety of materials, shapes and surfaces in their construction. Branson’s experience and expertise in precision cleaning provide the ideal solution for these sensitive orthopedic materials, working with customers to determine the most appropriate process and reduce the risk of contamination and damage during cleaning. 

Surgical Equipment

Appropriate precision cleaning of instruments used in surgery, biopsy needles, coated consumables and cranial drills is critical. These tools have grown increasingly more complex, constructed with delicate materials in shapes that make their surfaces challenging to reach. Branson offers ultrasonic cleaning options designed for these very specialized needs, including a solvent process with vapor degreasing and a water-based aqueous process. 

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