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Harvest and Recovery

Enhance biomanufacturing harvest/recovery through controlled, integrated solutions that provide useful data in real time.

Tighter Controls, Better Insight to Perfusion Processes

With increased use of perfusion processes and single-use technologies, biomanufacturers face challenges of high cell concentrations and uncontrolled batch production that may result in extra processing and bad cultures. Emerson’s automated management solutions can provide tighter control of perfusion processes and batch procedures, while improving operation integration, resource allocation, data collection, cell monitoring, and full batch traceability for optimal recovery/harvest processes.

Solutions in Action


Inability to effectively manage flow during harvest and recovery stages of a biomanufacturing process can result in improper transfer of material among vessels, leading to product degradation or suboptimal yields. Inadequate flow control can also result in inefficient recovery processes that inhibit later purification steps. Emerson’s portfolio of flow control solutions features the latest valve and metering technology as well as cutting-edge control systems for enhanced flow management.


Correct level measurements are vital as material is transferred between vessels. To prevent overfilling, tank levels must be accurately measured, but these measurements can be affected by changes in temperature, pressure and viscosity . Emerson’s guided wave radar technology is unaffected by these changes, utilizing microwave pulses to provide accurate level monitoring. In addition, robust pressure transmitters can measure differential pressure levels for reliable overfill protection.


Biomanufacturing requires thorough mixing or agitation processes to maintain correct temperatures within vessels, to prevent separation of the product in solution, and to ensure buffers are properly added. Inadequate mixing at any stage of a process can limit production and even damage a product or equipment. Emerson’s technologies provide enhanced insight and control of mixing and agitation processes to help produce homogenous, on-spec solutions for all stages of a biomanufacturing process.

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