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Buffer and Media Preparation

Optimize biomanufacturing preparation processes to ensure effective mixing and distribution of media and buffers.

Ensure Buffer and Media Quality through Improved Processes

Accurate preparation of media and buffers is critical to a biomanufacturing process. Whether a process relies on batch-mode or in-line buffer production, failure to achieve correct mixtures of these key components can result in product loss and increased operational costs. Emerson’s technologies and control systems provide enhanced management capabilities for the preparation and distribution of media and buffers to ensure they are available when and where they are needed.

Solutions in Action


Biomanufacturing relies on accurately prepared media and buffers, but ineffective agitation can compromise performance of these critical components and jeopardize downstream operations. Improperly mixed media and buffers can lead to significant product loss and increased operational costs. Emerson’s technologies provide enhanced insight and control of agitation processes to help biomanufacturing facilities produce homogenous, on-spec media and buffers as well as protect machinery from damage.


Deviations in the pH of media can inhibit growth or damage a cell culture, and an inability to accurately control the pH of buffers throughout a biomanufacturing process can result in damage to product or unpredictable purification results. Emerson’s measurement and control technologies provide a standardized, automated management solution for effectively monitoring and controlling pH to ensure optimal growth of cell cultures and effective separations.


Inadequate flow management can lead to inaccurate volumetric additions to media and buffers, resulting in ineffective solutions that can derail a process. Emerson’s portfolio of flow control capabilities helps ensure accurate preparation of buffers and media by enabling enhanced process control with technologies such as distributed control systems and robust flow meters that offer a wide breadth of line sizes, flow measurement accuracy and turndown to provide continuous, reliable data.

Material Tracking

Inaccurate, inefficient material tracking procedures can hamper a biomanufacturing process by contributing to production errors, compromised quality control and regulatory deviations. Emerson’s Syncade system enables efficient material management through electronic transactions and documentation of material movements and inventory. Operators can create, manage and execute material orders as well as generate audit trails for production events and batch records to ensure compliance.


Given the high cost of buffers and their importance to a biomanufacturing process, ensuring their efficacy is essential to maintaining production standards. Improperly prepared buffers can impede highly sensitive purification operations and even damage product. To avoid this, a buffer’s quality attributes must be accurately measured. Emerson’s control and measurement technologies and systems enable validation of a buffer’s conductivity range to ensure buffers are prepared for maximum efficacy.

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