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Prevent unplanned downtime and reduce maintenance costs with 24/7 insight into your refinery’s critical pumps.

Keep Pump Issues from Threatening Production

Pump maintenance is a crucial part of operating efficiently and maintaining availability, but detecting signs of pump failure can be difficult with infrequent manual checks. Emerson’s solutions for pumps allow you to detect abnormal operation and imminent failure, enabling condition-based maintenance.  With 24/7 insight into pump health, rotating equipment technicians and console operators can take timely corrective action to ensure continuous production.

Solution in Action

Early detection of pump cavitation is essential because it can increase the risk of vibration that could ultimately lead to seal failure. Emerson offers a selection of vibration and pressure transmitters and sensors for suction and discharge lines, as well as streamlined integration with Asset Management Software (AMS) technology to effectively detect cavitation conditions and keep your pumps running reliably.

Process pumps for dirty service applications often use a suction strainer to limit damage from excessive debris, but when that strainer is plugged, it can restrict flow, and ultimately cavitation, high vibration, and seal failure. Emerson’s differential pressure transmitters can detect flow restriction and provide timely alerts so the problem can be corrected without damage to the pump.

Misalignment, worn bearings, cavitation, and turbulence are just some of the factors that can lead to excessive vibration, and ultimately, pump failure.Emerson offers state-of-the-art monitoring and protection software that provides online vibration and bearing temperature measurements, including analysis via spectrum and waveform to effectively monitor pump health.With online monitoring, the time you’ll save looking for problems can be reallocated to solving your real pump issues.

Inadequate monitoring of auxiliary seal flush levels can result in missed low- or high-level conditions, causing possible mechanical issues that eventually lead to process pump failures.  In addition, the use of traditional route-based manual checks or switches to measure reservoir levels and pressures can be infrequent and time-consuming. Online monitoring of auxiliary seal flush reservoirs via specialized remote transmitters can mitigate failures and reduce maintenance costs.

Hydrocarbon leaks from intermittent process pumps can be costly to your operation and the surrounding environment, especially in the tank farm and other remote areas when no one is around to notice the outflow.Emerson’s wireless leak detection network solutions combine efficient wireless transmitter technology with advanced hydrocarbon sensors that trigger at the first sign of leakage, thereby minimizing incident impact and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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