Heat Exchangers

Reduce maintenance and energy costs with continuous monitoring of heat exchanger performance.

Keep Heat Exchanger Fouling from Impacting Production

Most of the heat required by chemical process plants comes from heat exchangers. Unanticipated fouling can drive up energy costs and, if severe enough, result in an unscheduled shutdown to clean bundles or a process slowdown until the next shutdown. Emerson’s heat exchanger monitoring solution allows you to improve operational efficiency by detecting accelerated fouling early, allowing you to clean your exchangers according to a more optimal schedule.

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Reduce heat exchanger maintenance costs and energy losses with continuous online monitoring

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Accelerated heat exchanger fouling can be caused by many factors such as chemical composition, restricted flow or temperature excursions. With a clearer picture of how fouling is affecting your heat exchangers provided by Emerson’s monitoring solutions, you can plan maintenance accordingly and clean the right bundles at the right time, keeping costs low and ensuring efficiency.


For a series of heat exchanger bundles, the design conditions and metallurgy may be different for exchangers in the grouping.  The first bundle may be designed for higher temperatures than the ensuing bundles, thus requiring different metallurgy and design requirements. This can create a safety problem if subsequent bundles get hotter than designed.  Emerson’s temperature sensors alert you when temperatures are above design limits, helping to avoid potential safety and environmental incidents.

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