Powertrain Assembly

Emerson provides components and intelligent devices to automotive manufacturers for assembling powertrain systems. 

Leverage Data and New Techniques for Smarter Assembly

Industrial machinery is increasingly controlled remotely by industrial networks, creating a growing demand for distributed field power and intelligent plug-and-produce devices. Emerson brings together a global network of industrial automation experts who can provide the technology and design know-how to help machine builders and automotive manufacturers efficiently assemble powertrains. 

Machine Controls

With multiple powertrain configurations built on the same line, correct staging and selection of final assembly components can be challenging. Emerson technology and expertise can help manufacturers meet production needs, while enhancing speed, efficiency and throughput. Our motion control components hold, move or clamp parts during machining and assembly, and the valves and fieldbus electronics we make provide high reliability and exceptional cycle life for plant operating systems.  

Assembly Intelligence

Increase reliability and uptime with technology that monitors the overall health of your system. Break through the deluge of data with information that allows you to make cost-effective predictive maintenance decisions. Stay on top of your operations, wherever you are, with networked intelligence that automatically allows your machines to share data and optimize your manufacturing systems. 

Power and Lighting

Keep your assembly line functional and cost-effective. Our versatile power supplies deliver reliable distributed and remote field power to machine controls, eliminating the complexity and cost of unnecessary enclosures and excess wiring in a modern facility.Our lighting technology provides illumination to reduce hazards in assembly and part-storage environments. We retrofit HID fixtures to new, energy-efficient LED, extending the life of your plant and fixtures.

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