Automotive Body & Paint

Solutions that help manufacturers fabricate metal body parts and paint automobiles with consistency and repeatability.

Power. Control. Safety.

Emerson works with vehicle manufacturers to keep production areas safe, and assembly lines running reliably and smarter during fabrication and assembly. We provide valves that precisely control paint location and flow, regulators that keep pressure consistent during painting, and hazardous-rated safety fixtures that illuminate production and storage environments.

Our solutions allow you to produce repeatable, dependable results at your automotive manufacturing plant, and leverage the data generated to make optimizations that improve your bottom line. 

Automotive Body Fabrication & Painting Solutions

Pressing and Stamping

Emerson works with end users, machine builders and original equipment manufacturers to automate metal stamping operations and regulate the metal forming process. Our comprehensive pneumatics component packages make it easy and cost-effective to troubleshoot production faults and reduce downtime. Our pressure regulators enable manufacturers to deliver consistent pressure to metal during the hydraulic forming press, ensuring that parts are uniform and usable. 

Painting and Coating

Accurate, consistent pressure control is key for successful paint application. From the paint source through the solenoid valve or nozzle, regulators keep pressure steady, ensuring the ideal paint quality and thickness for your automotive body. Our valves and clamps ensure the reliable, repeatable performance critical to automotive manufacturing success. 

Power and Lighting

Keep your facility cost-effective and functional. Our lighting technology provides illumination to reduce hazards in assembly and paint storage environments, ensuring high visibility inside the paint booth, which is critical for quality paint application. We retrofit HID fixtures to new, energy-efficient LED, extending the life of your plant and fixtures. Ourversatile, cost-efficient power supplies deliver reliable distributed and remote field power to machine controls, eliminating the complexity and cost of unnecessary enclosures and excess wiring.

How Our Components Work

Remove the Constraints of Power Supplies Housed in Separated Enclosures

Air preparation products for automotive painting applications

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