Project Data Link

Efficiently translates multiple-source equipment specifications into consistent project deliverables.

Manage Specifications Accurately and Efficiently

Specifications and requirements help lay the groundwork for your automation project’s success. But how well do you and the team manage the data? When changes begin, who owns the master information? Throughout the project, changes must be understood, addressed, and tracked accurately.

By efficiently and consistently translating automation equipment specifications from multiple sources into project deliverables, Project Data Link reduces complexity for the team and builds project certainty.

How to

Mitigate Risk During Change

Project Data Link implements global data management and data tracking based on a single data source and an integrated change management system. Project risk is mitigated with data consolidation, traceability, validation checks, automated processes, and tracking reports.

Use Iterative Design

Implement design ideas faster by using iterative data control versus reengineering. In this way, the project evolves naturally based on the deliverable inputs initially created. No important information is lost or misinterpreted along the way.

Promote Communication

For effective project progress and fewer miscommunications, suppliers, engineering firms, and stakeholders need access to project information such as field device specifications, control logic, and configuration information. Project Data Link provides that access in a standard view.

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