Cloud Engineering and Virtual FAT

Helps manage change in a secure, reliable, distributed engineering environment.

Accommodate Changes through Teamwork and Virtual Testing.

Successful projects require members to share files and communicate effectively. 

To help teams communicate and manage change, Emerson’s Remote Virtual Office (RVO) collaboration platform provides secure, reliable, distributed engineering of automation projects on a common infrastructure.

Teams, clients, and suppliers collaborate independent of location in a virtual engineering and testing environment. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) can be performed in a virtual environment.

How To

Integrate Applications Easily

Integrate applications by using remote access to a common virtual office environment and system database. The integration ultimately encourages information sharing, standardization of processes, and communication of changes.

Work as One and Test Remotely

Configuration and prototyping can start on day-one of a project, and all changes going forward can be shared in the common virtual environment. Multiple users and suppliers can collaborate in design, development, and test without travel to a central location. The team can conduct important testing, including FAT and integration tests, with I/O subsystems or DCS controllers built into skids before they are shipped to the plant site.

Access Help Worldwide

You don’t have to face changes alone – gain access to over 6,800 project and service professionals distributed globally. Emerson’s Project Management Office (PMO) provides global management of RVO knowledge to share best practices and processes. 

Working in the RVO environment, teams worldwide have access to expert service and advice in areas such as design, engineering, third-party testing, and customer FAT.

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