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Project Certainty: Accommodate Change

Rigid early engineering and limited flexibility is driving up cost and delays.

Designing In Flexibility Means Schedule and Budget Protection.

Underestimating task times due to insufficient, inaccurate, or late data causes late change orders, rework, and multiple schedules extensions. Early collaboration with Emerson experts can put mitigating measures in place to avert these pitfalls later.

Project Certainty Approach

Eliminate Start-up Delays Item

How many times have changes held up project schedules and profits? Approachable technologies and methods such as Electronic Marshalling and Smart Commissioning displace project delays and discomfort by making technology work for the team.


Tools that can assist in accommodating project change:

>> Electronic Marshalling

>> Smart Commissioning and loop documentation

Adapt More Easily

With an Emerson solution you will not slog slowly through engineering and testing. You will not get blocked by change. You will use the virtual world to test remotely. You will rely on complete support when you need it. And you will have spares ready just in time.


Tools that can assist in better adaption:

>> Learn more about cloud engineering and virtual FAT

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