Smart Junction Boxes

Reduce installation costs and gain faster project execution by reducing cabinet design and more.

Reduce Costs Related to Field Wiring and Cabinets

Smart Junction Boxes provide an off-the-shelf solution for faster project execution and reduced installation costs. These field enclosures condense system footprint, do not need I/O home run cables, and significantly reduce cabinet design engineering.

A single cabinet or enclosure design can serve a wide variety of I/O signals. Field wiring is complete at the terminal block; no custom design of marshalling wiring is needed. Internal cross wiring and I/O rationalization are eliminated.

How To

Add Schedule Flexibility

Pre-engineered field enclosures allow you to delay your design freeze and accommodate late I/O changes without re-engineering and re-wiring. In fact, you can create up to 15 weeks of slack time in your project schedule to accommodate late design changes or start up earlier. 

Achieve Good Design

To provide more predictable costs, Smart Junction Boxes and cabinets offer proven designs that improve quality and consistency while reducing unexpected rework. Standardization also reduces maintenance and support costs. The pre-engineered, documented, configurable solutions reduce the scope of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), and hardware testing can be delayed until site acceptance. 

Connect in the Field

Eliminate long, expensive multi-core cable runs from field devices to the DeltaV DCS cabinet in the control room. Instead, use short runs of multi-core cables to connect devices directly to a local Smart Junction Box in the field, then connect a less-expensive single fiber or Ethernet cable from the box to the control room.

Savings extend beyond the wires themselves to include engineering time, cable trays, conduits, and the labor required to lay the wire and connect each device. 

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