Machine Safety

Achieve a higher standard of machine safety and protection with Emerson technology and industry expertise.


Our Machine Safety Solutions Reduce Risk, Make Production Lines Safer

Emerson machine safety experts help machine builders and manufactures design, construct and operate production lines that meet today’s challenges. We understand the importance of complying with changing machine safety standards, including meeting Category 3 and 4 requirements. Our cost-effective solutions keep workers safer, simplify safety systems, improve machine functionality, and maximize productivity.


Zoned Safety Delivers Flexible Control and Uptime

Our ASCO Zoned Safety solution goes beyond the standard “dumping” practice by proving that predictable motion can be safe. It allows isolation of the air supply to keep operators safe without unnecessary disruption to production. Our integrated approach simplifies redundant pneumatic safety circuit design with a single manifold, making it possible to configure up to three discrete zones per machine. This simple, user-friendly solution reduces components, requires less space and improves design flexibility. 


Enhance Automotive Workflow with Zoned Safety

ASCO Zoned Safety approach simplifies machine design and eliminates expensive discrete safety components in a typical automotive workflow.

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