Sensing Solutions from Therm-O-Disc

Therm-O-Disc puts engineered systems in touch with their surroundings to enable new levels of understanding, awareness and response. We  deliver a broad range of sensing capabilities and solutions by understanding customer challenges and leveraging our sensing technology expertise.

We will help you find the best sensing solution, even if it has never been done before.


RF / Hirel Electronics Feed-Throughs and Packages

Hermetic Solutions from Fusite

Fusite is the largest provider of premium hermetic glass-to-metal (GTM) feedthroughs, with installations in more than one billion air conditioning, refrigeration, and freezer compressor applications worldwide. 

Innovations in custom glass formulations, high-current protection terminals, and state-of-the-art hermetic terminal designs for air conditioning and refrigeration applications are a few of the engineering advancements that have provided Fusite's air conditioning and refrigeration customers with a distinct competitive edge.

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Hermetic Solutions

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