You are an expert at making connections… But connecting with your customers can be really tough.  With RIDGIDConnect, it’s easy!

RIDGIDConnect Helps Your Business Thrive

Build Comprehensive Reports

Communicate more efficiently with others using a RIDGIDConnect Report. These reports allow you to describe your work in an easy to access format. You can enhance these reports by adding other files like images, videos, office documents.

Secure Your Information

RIDGIDConnect allows you to store all of your information in a secure environment. You can create one report that has all of the information you need for your records and simply decide which pieces your customer can or cannot see.

Map Your Contacts

Every contact you set up into RIDGIDConnect with a valid address will be geo-coded. This means that you can build a map of your customers or get driving directions all within RIDGIDConnect.

Import and Export Contacts

You can easily upload contacts from a CSV file created by one of your existing programs like Microsoft Outlook. Just as easily, download a file to populate your GPS navigation device like a Garmin.

Explain What You're Seeing

RIDGIDConnect allows you to get to the point quickly for your co-workers or customers. Bookmarking allows you to point out and describe the important parts of a video. Image markup allows you to highlight and describe key points in a picture. A RIDGIDConnect report allows you to put all of your media, notes, and customer correspondence into a comprehensive package.

Schedule Your Work

Work in RIDGIDConnect can be scheduled, prioritized and assigned to an individual or a team. Each user of the system will default to seeing just the work assigned to them with the ability to view all information if needed.

Communicate Instantly

Since RIDGIDConnect is an online tool, everything you do is instantly available to whomever you need to share with. Upload a picture from your mobile device and have someone from the office or their mobile device make notes, add markup, finish the report for you, or give you instant feedback.

Access From Your Mobile Device

http://m.ridgidconnect.com provides quick access to your job reports from most mobile browsers. You can even upload videos or pictures from some devices with a camera on them like a Blackberry.

Upload Media Efficiently

The site will allow you to upload media from any Flash Supported internet browser. http://m.ridgidconnect.com will allow non-flash capable browsers to upload pictures and video. For large videos or inconsistent data connections, there is the RIDGIDConnect Client. This tool will compress videos before uploading them. With this tool, a download can be paused if the network or your PC is interrupted.

Seamless Integration With SeeSnake HQ Inspection Software

Field inspections created in SeeSnake HQ software can be quickly exported to your RIDGIDConnect account. With one touch and an internet connection your video, job notes, and customer information populates a RIDGIDConnect job report that is instantly ready for sharing with one or many recipients. Best of all, RIDGIDConnect provides you with safe and secure storage of your inspection data away from your field laptop computer.

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