Supermarkets have led the way through the wider adoption of CO₂ (R744) refrigeration systems. As a natural refrigerant, CO₂ has many advantages, including: nonflammability, low toxicity, neutral ozone layer depletion and negligible global warming potential. Its excellent thermal properties make it an especially viable option to reduce HFC usage. However, CO₂ is not without its challenges. It can operate at very high pressures (above 1,500 psig) and is susceptible to decreasing efficiency in high ambient temperatures.

At Emerson, we offer a full suite of refrigeration system components necessary for the successful implementation of CO₂, including: system controls, compressors, flow components and system protectors. Additionally, we’re pioneering ways to adapt CO₂ refrigeration systems to high ambient environments.


Copeland CO₂ Compressors

CO₂ has proven to be an effective alternative to HFCs in both low- and medium-temperature applications


Into the Green

Leak detection program shrinks grocer’s carbon footprint and grows its bottom line

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CO₂ Systems

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