Freeze Alarm

We can’t always be home when stuff happens. Our products give you line of sight to risks that are unforeseen and happen when you’re not there. 

“Peace of mind” for when you cannot be there.

The HomeSitter Tec Cellular Monitoring System

tracks the temperature, humidity and power status in your home, second home, business, vacation property, boat, RV or other sensitive property. No phone line or internet connection

is required.

* A subscription is required for users to monitor their property and to receive alarm notifications. (Cloud based cellular)


Water leak claims are the second highest insurance claims

Mitigate the risk of major damage before it happens. The HomeSitter TEC alerts you when water contact hits a sensor or temperature and or humidity goes out of set range.  Receive alerts to your phone, e-mail or text. Leverage the LINK-100-W to detect water leaks immediately upon contact, up to 16 sensors per HomeSitter TEC, up to 200’ feet away.

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