From start to finish, Grind2Energy will make the disposal of your food waste cleaner, easier and more efficient.


The Only Full-Circle, Closed-Loop Organic Waste Recycling System of its Kind

In communities around the world, Grind2Energy is helping food waste generators transform unavoidable food waste into energy. Here’s how Emerson’s revolutionary food waste recycling system works.

  1. Organic food waste is collected and placed into the grind chamber. 
  2. Grind2Energy grinds food waste quickly and efficiently
  3. The resulting slurry goes into a holding tank. 
  4. A liquid waste hauler transports the slurry to a local anaerobic digestions (AD) facility. 
  5. The AD facility recycles the food slurry by recovering water and converting captured methane into renewable energy including electricity and compressed natural gas.
  6. The remaining nutrient-rich organic material can be used as a beneficial natural fertilizer. 
  7. The natural fertilizer is utilized to grow more food. 

Grind2Energy Components

C017 4.0 Grind Capabilities

Grind Capabilities

Grind2Energy installed in dock area to optimize pickup


Grind2Energy installed in cleanup area with outdoor holding tank


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