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Add beneficial Grind2Energy slurry to your anaerobic digesters.

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Transforming Wastewater Treatment Plants Into Utilities of the Future

Our Grind2Energy™ food waste recycling system is a valuable co-digestion resource in accelerating the transformation of wastewater treatment plants into utilities of the future. Because Grind2Energy food waste slurry is virtually contaminant free and readily biodegradable, capable water resource recovery facilities are able to create more biogas to produce onsite energy. They are also able to offset operational expenses by reducing their dependence on purchased electricity. 

Partnering with Grind2Energy, plants can help districts comply with landfill bans, and further exhibit environmental stewardship by promoting green technology in the community.

G2E Economics

The Economics of Adding Grind2Energy Slurry to Wastewater Utilities

With economic pressures on wastewater utilities increasing, facility managers are looking to high-strength waste like Grind2Energy slurry to help them become energy neutral, or even net energy producers. Adding Grind2Energy slurry provides significant relief from operational expenses, while helping plants demonstrate sustainability in their communities.

Additional methane leads to cost savings through reduction of purchased energy and reduced operating costs. A typical plant spends 20 to 30 percent of its budget on electricity, so reducing purchased energy frees up funds to be used elsewhere, such as plant improvements and upgrades. The extra money and methane can help a plant reach net neutrality, while protecting the operation from fluctuating energy costs.


Benefits of Adding Grind2Energy™ Slurry to Anaerobic Digesters

G2E Slurry

Liquid Gold That's Good to Go

Those treatment plants currently accepting Grind2Energy food waste slurry for co-digestion have classified it as “liquid gold.” That’s because Grind2Energy slurry has very high volatile solids content — greater than 90 percent — and it’s readily biodegradable. 

Grind2Energy slurry is “good to go” and can improve anaerobic digestion performance with advanced biodegradability, and by consuming extra space within the digester. Unlike the 20- to 30-day detention time a digester traditionally requires to process wastewater sludge, Grind2Energy organics are converted to methane in as little as 5 to 10 days.


Sustainability for Wastewater Treatment Facilities is Now a Viable Option

Wastewater treatment facilities can come closer to becoming a Utility of the Future by partnering with Grind2Energy, and recovering clean water, energy, and fertilizer. When facilities begin to address the environmental, social, and economic spheres of doing business, it leads to sustainability and a promising outlook for the future. 

Adding Grind2Energy slurry helps facilities boost biogas and energy production, achieve energy neutrality, reduce operating costs, comply with landfill bans, and demonstrate environmental leadership within the community. It’s an impactful trend that’s now worth following.

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