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A cleaner, easier, more sustainable solution for food waste recycling.


Good for Business, Good for the Environment

Non-sewer based Grind2Energy is more than an alternative to landfills and traditional compost programs. The system recycles food waste into clean water and renewable energy — in the form of electricity, heat, or compressed natural gas. Grind2Energy makes organic waste disposal cleaner, easier and more efficient.

  • Reduces odors and pest problems 
  • Cuts down on trips to the dumpster 
  • Decreases number of trash pickups
  • Reduces disposal fees and truck emissions 
  • Diverts food waste from landfills
  • Decreases levels of methane released into the atmosphere 
  • Transforms food waste into clean water, renewable energy, and beneficial fertilizers
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Transforming Food Waste Into Renewable Energy

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A Cleaner, Easier and More Sustainable Solution for Unavoidable Commercial Food Waste

Through Grind2Energy’s revolutionary process, food waste is ground on-site using a customized, heavy-duty foodservice grinder. The system enables you to quickly and easily dispose of all types of food scraps including meat, seafood, produce, dairy, breads, and even fats, oils and grease.

Food waste is converted into energy-rich slurry and transported to an anaerobic digestion facility where methane is extracted for natural gas and electricity production. The remaining biosolids become nutrient-rich fertilizer.

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