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Effectively managing the growing problem of food waste in America. 


Food Waste in America

Food waste is a growing problem in the United States. According to the U.S. EPA, food waste is the 2nd largest contributor to landfills. More than 28 million tons of food waste is sent to landfills each year. 

When food goes to the landfill, it’s like tying food in a plastic bag – the nutrients in the food never return to the soil. The wasted food rots and produces methane gas, a potent greenhouse gas with more than 25 times the global warming potential compared to carbon dioxide.

Waste Diversion Goals and Bans are Increasing

To help ease the impact on the environment, states like Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, and California are mandating regulations to divert commercial organics from landfills. Similarly, cities such as Austin, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon are following suit. States soon projected to enact bans include Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

As states begin to ban the future use of landfills, large volume food waste generators need a sustainable solution that’s better for the environment.


California Food Waste Recycling Legislation

Sustainability is Increasingly Important to Business Success

As regulations continue to tighten and public awareness drives business towards cleaner energy, environmental responsibility has become increasingly important to thriving businesses. In fact, according to the report "A New Era of Sustainability," produced by Accenture and the United Nations Global Compact, over 93% of CEOs say that sustainability is critical to their company’s future success.

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A Sustainable Solution to the Food Waste Problem

Our revolutionary Grind2Energy disposal system diverts food waste to energy production, contributing to zero waste goals. By efficiently removing organic waste from the reclamation process, it dramatically reduces collection costs and has the possibility to generate revenue when sold as feed-stock to anaerobic digesters. A custom-designed Grind2Energy system can support your environmental initiatives and help comply with government mandates to reduce organic waste in landfills.

Grind2Energy’s innovative food waste recycling system decreases your contribution to landfills and helps to generate clean, renewable energy. It also helps keep your facility cleaner, and more efficient.

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