Facility Commissioning

Facility Commissioning

Optimize operation of facility systems

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Commissioning Services

Emerson’s patented commissioning services benefit both new facilities, and facilities that are already open for business. With new and existing facility on-site commissioning, Emerson conducts a thorough inspection of the store, and provides specific recommendations for improvement and more. With remote commissioning, we connect to the store through a network connection and inspect the equipment and settings without having to physically visit the store location.

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Commissioning for New Facilities

New facilities are inspected to ensure they are constructed as specified. After a rigorous inspection, any failure points are noted so that the retailer may address the issue with the appropriate party – often times correcting it at minimal or no cost. In addition to potentially extending the life of the equipment, reducing future service calls, and lowering energy usage, identifying construction deficiencies prior to store opening may also protect the retailer against a voided warranty.

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Commissioning for Existing Facilities

With Emerson’s existing facility commissioning service, our experts scrutinize an existing store’s HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration equipment to ensure it is operating properly. Any deficiencies are identified and noted. When weighed against the cost of correction, deficiencies that make financial sense to repair are recommended in the final report. Finally, setpoints are established that enable each piece of equipment to operate optimally.

Remote Commissioning for Facilities

Remote Commissioning for Facilities

For commissioning without the need for physical presence at the site, remote commissioning can save money while offering many of the benefits of on-site commissioning. Using a remote site connection, we offer different levels of remote commissioning to fit the needs of your stores.  From implementing a customer-provided list of setpoint standards, to refrigeration, HVAC and lighting schedules implementation, remote commissioning can help provide energy savings, system optimization, and identify system deficiencies.

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