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Handling High Temperature/ Corrosive Molten Salts


General Process Information

The Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) sector has been finding new ways to make energy production more constant and economically viable. The chief players in the industry have adopted different approaches to ensure round-the-clock power generation, including the use of molten salts in substitution of heated oils as a transfer fluid for parabolic trough plants.

As one of the most innovative methods for storing solar energy, molten salt thermal energy storage and heat transfer has become an integral part of electricity generation worldwide.


Alternative Energy Production

Application: Handling high temperature/corrosive molten salts is essential in alternative energy production.

Challenges: The key challenge involves a highly corrosive/high temperature media (i.e., molten salts) that had to be kept above solidification temperature at all times. Emerson engineers first address the problem by proposing a Vanessa Series 30,000 buttweld body style with an extreme compact design that fully integrated with the pipeline. By following the same heating principle of the welded pipe, the valve has significantly reduced thermal dissipation, saving the customer all those costs related to design and control of heat tracing. Besides reinforcing the external stem leakage barriers, Vanessa Series 30,000 valve has been customized to avoid risky obstruction and contamination between the areas where the stem is exposed to hot molten salts and where the liquid tends to solidify.

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