Instructor Led Training

Instructor-Led Training – Rosemount Instrumentation

Our courses are available at our training centers as well as onsite at your facility, or can be virtually accessed.

Training Courses to Fit Your Needs

Improve productivity by enhancing the proficiency of your workforce with Emerson’s training for Rosemount Products. We can help you train new hires, improve current employee skills or help your team adapt to new products and technology. To accommodate your team’s needs, these courses are offered virtually, onsite at your facility, or at one of our training centers. Led by our experienced and certified instructors, your team also has the opportunity to earn continuing education credits (IACET).

Instructor-Led Training Types

Enjoy the benefits of a live classroom while being in the comfort of your home or office with our Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT). Utilizing an online platform, the learning modules are paired with animated content and real products to provide a variety of capabilities and features to ensure instructor and student engagement. This virtual training technology allows the instructor to monitor participation, ask questions, receive student responses and shift display content from presentation material to a demonstration camera.

Gain hands-on experience in an Emerson classroom with Rosemount Product Training Courses. This training includes lectures and workshops hosted by Emerson experts, who instruct on how to properly mount, install, configure, calibrate, troubleshoot and maintain a variety of Rosemount products.

Come visit one of our world class locations to help maximize the return on your most significant investment – your employees.

Discover an alternative to facilitating your organization’s learning and development goals with onsite training from Emerson. Many companies are experiencing the benefits that come from bringing an Emerson expert onsite to their facility (or convenient location), where employees are able to delve into specific product information, such as maintenance, installation, and troubleshooting.

Enhance training experience and expedite the learning curve at the Interactive Plant Environment, where Emerson courses are designed to demonstrate Rosemount products in real-life plant situations. This immersive training simulates plant environments and replicates the most common and unexpected process scenarios. Instilling high levels of competence and confidence, this hands-on training provides experiential learning that can’t be matched in the traditional classroom.

Courses include practical and theoretical training, and are offered for Emerson employees, LBPs and customers. Main target group is service engineers, but these courses are also suitable for project and sales engineers:

  • Technical Product Training (RTG101).
  • TankMaster Training (RTG102).

The global training center is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Local face-to-face trainings are also held in different world areas.

For questions, please contact: Ann-Charlotte Rönnvall,Training Manager.

Training Courses by Product

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