Handheld Welding Systems

Flexible, ultrasonic spot welding systems for low-power industrial applications.

Reliable Power and Advanced Features

Branson’s industrial-grade welders and controls are ideal for quick touch-ups, trimmings and tight spots. Available in three frequencies with multiple weld modes, the LPX Handheld System offers maximum process control in a versatile package.


Featured Technology: Branson LPX Platform

The LPX power supply platform is Branson’s latest offering for applications with power requirements of 550 watts or less. The LPX utilizes patented circuity with closed-loop amplitude for maximum process control. The LPX is available with an optional factory-installed ground detect. Three frequencies are available:

* 20 kHz at 150 Watts and 550 Watts

* 30 kHz at 500 Watts

* 40 kHz at 150 Watts and 550 Watts

All available frequency options feature three modes – continuous, time and energy – for additional flexibility and maximum process control.


Custom Tooling You Can Count On

We don’t just make tooling; we know how to optimize it for fast, efficient performance. Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems.

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