Wire Splicing

Branson wire splicing systems ensure precise splicing of nonferrous wires for premium automotive wire harnesses, electronics and more.

Precision Splicing, Every Time

Capable of splicing nonferrous wires in a wide range of sizes, Branson Ultrasplice systems deliver a superior and more reliable electrical connection over crimping, soldering or resistance welding. Our systems help boost your bottom line by reducing power consumption, eliminating consumables and extending tool life.

Wire Splicing Systems


Branson’s Ultrasplice 40 is a lightweight, fully portable 40kHz ultrasonic wire splicing system that offers exceptional flexibility and convenience. This system delivers precise, perfect quality wire splices up to six square millimeters in cross section, using an advanced 700-watt power supply. Automated wire gathering, process monitoring, and energy and pressure adjustment simplify operation and optimize productivity. Our system stores up to 100 preset splicing parameters and sequences to keep you running.


Branson’s 2032S system is designed for applications requiring a full range of ultrasonic splicing capabilities, from 0.35 to 32mm wire cross section. This versatile system uses a retractable anvil and automatic sequencing to deliver all splices needed for each run. Our replaceable tip technology maximizes tool life at minimal cost to reduce downtime and increase productivity. Add our optional VersaGraphix controller to get an additional touch screen with enhanced set-up and operational functionality.


Custom Tooling You Can Count On

We don’t just make tooling; we know how to optimize it for fast, efficient performance. Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems.

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