Plastic Vibration Welding

Branson continuously advances vibration welding technology to meet manufacturers’ high-volume challenges of joining complex parts.


Speed, Strength and Energy Efficiency for Welding Large Parts

Vibration welding generates frictional heat to produce robust, pressure-tight joints in thermoplastic parts. It creates precise seals for a wide range of sizes, intricate areas, multi-plane objects and curved surfaces. This energy-efficient technology can optimize productivity on automated assembly lines at a lower cost than many alternative methods.

Vibration Welding


Branson’s GVX Series of vibration welders sets a new standard for plastic joining with unmatched precision, productivity and repeatability. Servo-driven vibration technology delivers virtually particulate-free, clean welds. The machine’s 20% smaller footprint takes up less space, while the innovative, ergonomic design maximizes throughput, simplifies maintenance and cuts energy use.


Branson’s M Series offers linear and orbital vibration welders that cover a wide range of applications. Our linear vibration welders use transverse, reciprocating motion that keeps the vibration in one axis and delivers higher frequency and more power. Our precision orbital vibration welders provide exceptional control with constant velocity motion, a non-rotating circular motion in all directions, directing the vibration motion equally in the x and y axes and all axes in between.


Branson’s VW Series includes our Orbital Hy-Line vibration welders, which feature a long-established and proven electromechanical vibrator and a new digital drive controller for greater control. Each of the three models in this series is a complete assembly system designed to weld large or irregularly shaped parts up to 58” x 22” (1473 x 559 mm) or multiple smaller parts to meet your needs. Modular construction allows easy adaptation of individual components to automated or custom systems.


Branson’s Mini II vibration welder has the smallest footprint in the industry, measuring just 2’ x 4’, yet delivers a complete plastics assembly system for welding small or irregularly shaped thermoplastic parts. It offers all of the advantages of the vibration welding process with enhanced performance, advanced precision and application flexibility. The streamlined, maintenance-free design simplifies set up and operation to keep you up and running.


Custom Tooling You Can Count On

We don’t just make tooling; we know how to optimize it for fast, efficient performance. Let our custom tooling experts help you configure and maximize your systems.

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