Wireless Sand & Corrosion Monitoring

Sand erosion and corrosion monitoring solutions are critical to maintaining the integrity of operator assets and optimizing oil and gas production. The emergence of wireless monitoring solutions, based on intrusive sensors installed into pipes or vessels, significantly reduces installation costs and allows for monitoring in previously inaccessible areas. The result for operators is increased flexibility and reduced costs; improved accuracy and reliability; and a complete asset management system.

How It Works

Improve Asset Monitoring

Effective corrosion and sand erosion monitoring protects assets and ensures their ongoing and profitable operation.

Extend Equipment Life

Corrosion and sand monitoring can provide flexible, cost effective and highly accurate field analysis, helping to extend equipment life and increase production from reserves.

Reduce Production Threats

Corrosion and sand monitoring plays a key role in pre-empting production threats and ensuring the seamless and cost-effective flow of hydrocarbons from reservoir to refinery.

Integrated Production Management

Whether employing acoustic-based sand monitoring, intrusive or non-intrusive monitoring, or the latest in smart wireless technologies, sand erosion and corrosion monitoring is most effective when integrated with a central production management system. Collecting, monitoring, visualizing and analyzing sand and corrosion data, these advanced systems provide a complete reservoir picture for improved reservoir control.

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