Image of HERO-Laborant makes test in research laboratory with electronic measuring equipment on pharmaceutical industry manufacture or chemical plant

Weigh & Dispense / Materials Management

Ensure materials are dispensed correctly and accurately traced through the entire batch process.


Reduce Variability and Deliver Full Materials Traceability

Material variability, incorrect material additions, batch issues, and deviations from specifications are especially costly for manufacturers. Dispensing errors at the beginning of a batch can significantly impact production and quality.

Reduce the risk of operator error and improve documentation accuracy with an automated weigh and dispense solution. The Syncade Materials Management solution delivers assurance to manufacturers that materials are dispensed correctly and accurately traced through the entire batch process.

How It Works

Reduce Errors

Use electronic weigh-scale interfaces and bar code labelling technology to ensure that the right material, in the correct quantity, with the right label, is delivered to manufacturing on time in order to meet your production demands.

Verification and Reconciliation

Reduce material variability by using electronic workflows to guide dispensing operators through the process based on your facility’s requirements. When interfaced with an ERP system, you can automatically update inventory, eliminate the risk of using incorrect material, and calculate potency.

Eliminate Paper

Bring all your dispensary information online by integrating work details, weighing reports, equipment logbooks, and calibration information with electronic workflows. Operators have all the information they need to work effectively and consistently to reduce errors and variability.


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