Wireless Security

Take advantage of Emerson’s proven expertise in security technologies and protect your critical data with confidence.


Designed to Protect with Industry-Proven Security

Emerson’s wireless solutions are engineered to protect process performance and data, ensuring the successful deployment of field instrumentation and plant applications. With proven wireless expertise, Emerson can work with you to employ these critical security technologies to help improve process monitoring, increase productivity and lower operating costs. This reliable and robust wireless technology provides a turnkey solution that meets and complies with industry certification requirements.

What Wireless Security Offers

Field Network Security

Emerson’s wireless field network solutions feature multi-tiered security for sensor and field device applications. This technology is provided through advanced, standards-based encryption as well as authentication, verification and key management techniques. These solutions offer network keys that can be set to automatically rotate or change, and with the implementation of the WirelessHART® standard, session keys are added to enable and protect communication between two devices.

Plant Network Security

Engineered with Cisco® network components, Emerson’s Wireless Plant Network offers reliable protection for plant and business data. The Cisco Self-Defending Network solution features threat-control capabilities and network admission control to help enforce security policies, limiting access to only trusted end-point devices. This standards-based solution provides multi-layered protection, such as RF security, WLAN intrusion prevention and location, Network Access Control (NAC), and encryption.

Certification and Compliance

Emerson’s wireless solutions comply with many industry requirements, such as Achilles Communications Certification, to ensure Gateway devices meet cyber security standards. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) FIPS 197 (Cert. 2825 / 2184), which is issued to Dust Networks (radio supplier), ensures approved encryption algorithms. For power source reliability, WirelessHART® networks can integrate with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) CIP compliant environments.

Wireless Tools

Emerson’s Wireless Planning Tool

Upload an aerial image of your facility and design a wireless network using industry best practices.

Emerson’s Wireless Estimator

Calculates estimated percent cost and time savings of selecting wireless versus wired instruments.

Rosemount Instrument Toolkit Software

Configure Flow, Level, Pressure and Temperature transmitters.

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