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Rosemount X-well™ Technology

Rosemount X-well Technology provides accurate temperature measurements without the complexities of thermowell assembly


Simplified Solution for Comprehensive Process Temperature Measurement

Rosemount X-well™ Technology delivers accurate process temperature data without thermowells or process penetrations. Using a thermal conductivity algorithm and with an understanding of the conductive properties of the temperature measurement assembly and piping, this surface temperature sensor solution accurately measures internal process temperature. In addition, this solution simplifies measurement point specification, installation and maintenance and reduces possible leak points.

Take a Closer Look at Rosemount X-well Technology

How it Works

Rosemount X-well technology is a complete point solution for process temperature measurement that does not require a thermowell or process penetration. Measuring the ambient and pipe surface temperatures, this solution calculates your process temperature via a thermal conductivity algorithm. This calculation takes into account the thermal conductive properties of the assembly and pipe for reliable and accurate process temperature measurements.

Operational Expense Savings

Lower your operational costs and increase efficiency, performance and time-savings with Rosemount X-well Technology. This innovative solution requires no removal for pigs, lockout/tagout or process shutdowns, offering a reduction in life cycle costs, increase in production and easier maintenance. Providing enhanced process reliability and safety, this technology also eliminates the possibility of leak points due to its non-intrusive nature.

Capital Expense Savings

For increased cost-efficiency, Rosemount X-well Technology can cut the cost of each temperature measurement point by 29%. Engineered without thermowells, this non-intrusive solution reduces engineering design time by 65% and installation time by 70% due to the elimination of wake frequency calculations and a greatly simplified install. Since it does not contact the process, this technology also reduces the impact of late process design changes and costly exotic materials.


Engineered for enhanced performance, Rosemount X-well Technology is specified in the same way as standard temperature measurement assemblies with the only difference being the addition of the Process Temperature Effect (PTE). PTE takes into account the uncertainty caused by the variance between your process and ambient temperature. Performance can be calculated using the Rosemount X-well Technology Accuracy Calculator.


The many versatile benefits of Rosemount X-well Technology make it a great solution for a wide range of applications. These applications include pipeline and wellhead monitoring, small line sizes, allocation metering and retrofit projects that need new points. Rosemount X-well Technology can also be used in applications with high velocities, slurries, heavy particulate fluids, clean-in-place (CIP) processes, high viscosity fluids and harsh processes requiring exotic materials.

Technology Components

Engineered with Rosemount X-well Technology, this solution is comprised of a Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter or a Rosemount 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter in assembly with a Rosemount 0085 Pipe Clamp Sensor. The advantages of these components include flexible pipe clamp installation and best-in-class transmitter accuracy and stability. These benefits are incorporated with the enhancements of Rosemount X-well Technology, which will simplify your temperature measurement by eliminating thermowells and process penetration.

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A Non-Invasive Approach to Process Temperature Measurement

IAA interviewed Melissa Ruths, Emerson Process Management Asia Pacific’s Director of Marketing for its Rosemount Portfolio, at their 2016 Technology Conference

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