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About Conditioning Orifice Technology

A flowmeter solution that delivers unmatched value, consistency and precision in every measurement.

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About Conditioning Orifice Plate Technology

Providing unprecedented performance, Rosemount Conditioning Orifice Plate technology is engineered for enhanced measurement accuracy. This unique, innovative design requires a straight pipe run of only two pipe diameters (2D) upstream and downstream, providing a significant reduction in piping requirements. With drop-in replacement capabilities and a wide range of flow meter assembly options, this solution offers flexible and simple installation and can be applied to a variety of applications.

How it Works

Flow Conditioning

The Rosemount Conditioning Orifice Plate resolves irregular flow profiles that impact flow measurement, such as swirling effects, which are caused by upstream disturbances. This equally spaced, 4-hole design reshapes the flow into an even profile across the entire pipe for measurement stability and accuracy. Requiring only 2 diameters of piping upstream and downstream, this element also reduces pipe straight-run requirements.

Flow Assemblies

Rosemount Flow Meters are easy to order, install and maintain. The transmitters, manifolds and primary elements that make up Rosemount Flow Meters are delivered pre-assembled and fully leak checked. Eliminating the need for impulse lines that can create flow measurement errors and process leaks, Rosemount integrated flow meters have 70% fewer leak points, reducing maintenance costs and the susceptibility to freezing and plugging issues.

Integral Process Temperature

Engineered with a built-in resistance temperature detector (RTD), Rosemount Flow Meters are able to produce precise integral process temperature measurements. This design enables the flow meter to provide compensated mass flow calculation without additional process penetrations. 

Videos & Case Studies

Learn how Rosemount Conditioning Orifice plates work as well as installation best practices. 

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