About MultiVariable Measurement

About Multivariable Measurement

Multivariable Solutions provide multiple measurements in a device for fewer process penetrations and easy installation.


Enhance Process Insight and Accuracy

Multivariable measurement capability enhances operations by measuring static and differential pressure and temperature in a single device. With a variety of options, these devices include Ultra for Flow performance class, Callendar-Van Dusen sensor matching, extended range sensor and a selection of protocols. Multivariable transmitters allow you to limit pipe penetrations, reduce wiring costs and reduce installation time.

Multivariable Measurement Advantages

Multivariable solutions help enhance performance. Features include Ultra for Flow (+/- 0.04% of reading specification) for high accuracy in flow measurement and Callendar-Van Dusen (CVD) sensor matching, which uses CVD constants to increase RTD measurement accuracy up to 70%.

Featuring eight different measurement options, Multivariable solutions are able to meet a wide range of application requirements. These devices can provide singular or a combination of measurements, including differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature available in Coplanar™ and In-Line platforms. For reliable and accurate measurements in harsh environments, Multivariable technology also offers the all-welded, hermetic design of the SuperModule™ Sensor.

Ready-to-install, Multivariable technology provides preconfigured and calibrated devices. Additionally, software packages, such as the Rosemount™ Engineering Assistant Software offer a simple communication and configuration interface for Rosemount mass flow transmitters. To configure a variety of Rosemount pressure, temperature, level and flow products, Rosemount Transmitter Interface Software is also available.

As a fully-assembled DP flow solution, a Multivariable flowmeter features a variety of advantages for flow measurement. Capable of calculating mass flow from the transmitter, this device is delivered pre-configured and pre-ranged for easy installation and commissioning. Factory-assembled and tested, these DP Flow devices are also leak-checked before shipment, ensuring reduced leak points for optimal performance.

Multivariable transmitters feature communication protocol options that incorporate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Wired alternatives include industry-standard HART®, FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus and Modbus® protocols. For a wireless solution, WirelessHART® is a self-organizing network that delivers >99% data reliability and provides access to previously inaccessible areas.

Videos & Case Studies

This video provides an in depth explanation of how multivariable pressure transmitters combine three measurements into one to lower overall installation cost.

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