About Vibrating Forks

Vibrating fork level switches and detectors from Emerson are ideal for all point liquid level applications.

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Ensure safety and maximize efficiency with reliable and cost effective vibrating fork switches

This low maintenance device, designed around the tuning fork principle, provides you with point level detection for alarm, monitoring, and control.

Vibrating fork switches are reliable and perfect for overfill prevention, high and low level alarm and pump protection even in the most challenging of applications.

Emerson’s wide range of switches and detectors ensures that you will find the right device for your needs. 

How It Works

Rosemount 2100 Series uses vibrating fork technology. Designed around the tuning fork principle, it consists of a two-pronged fork which vibrates at its natural frequency. The frequency changes depending on the media in which it is immersed. When in air, the forks vibrate at their natural frequency. When liquid covers the forks, the frequency drops.

Changes to the frequency are continuously monitored by the switch electronics, which then change the output state to operate an alarm, pump, or valve.

The reliable vibrating fork switch is ideal for overfill prevention applications.

Emerson’s Rosemount 2120, Rosemount 2130 and Rosemount 2140:SIS are third party- certified according to the requirements of IEC61508, suitable for use in SIL2 systems.

The new-generation Rosemount 2140:SIS combines superior reliability, high diagnostics coverage and advanced proof testing.

Trust your overfill device will work when it is needed.

The ability to verify the integrity of your level switch is key, especially in safety critical processes.

Emerson’s Rosemount 2110, Rosemount 2120, Rosemount 2130 and Rosemount 2140 are equipped with a local test point, for quick and easy functional or partial-proof testing.

Emerson’s Rosemount 2140:SIS takes poof testing to the next level: A fully integrated remote partial proof test can be performed “in process” from the safety of the control room.

Many industries face tighter regulations and the hygienic sector especially. This is no issue for the Rosemount 2120 since compliance to the 3-A and EHEDG standards are confirmed by certification. Materials and processes also comply with requirements of ASME-BPE and FDA, allowing you to meet the most stringent requirements when hygiene and cleanliness are key.

The switch holds material certificates for all wetside parts and surface finish certificates for machined, polished and electro polished finishes. There are also intrinsically safe models with SIL certifications.

Rosemount 2160 combines Emerson’s wireless expertise and vibrating fork technology. It has all the features of the wired level switches and provides easy installation. No need for high infrastructure costs since the switch is totally wireless.

It communicates through Wireless HART and uses a replaceable, intrinsically safe Lithium-Thionyl Chloride power module with PBT enclosure. The battery can run for up to ten years at a one minute update rate.


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