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About Rosemount 5300 Level Transmitter

A guided wave radar that excels in almost any application, no matter how tough. Perfect for challenging measurements, the Rosemount™ 5300 provides great reliability and safety features for both liquid and solids level applications.

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A New Level of Control and Safety

The RosemountTM 5300 is the industry's most popular guided wave radar. With its robust design, superior diagnostic capabilities and easy to use software, it was developed for the user. It offers a wealth of features to help you achieve better results, become safer and optimize your processes. It is also SIL 2 certified according to IEC 61508.

The high sensitivity of the Rosemount 5300 makes it possible to measure interfaces as narrow as 0.4" (1 cm) and to use the contamination resistant single lead probe.

How It Works

Direct Switch Technology is a unique feature that enhances signal strength for more reliable and robust measurements and safer operations, even in tough conditions.

A significantly stronger signal translates into a more user friendly device with greater application flexibility. It also enables the use of low maintenance single lead probes instead of the more common higher maintenance coaxial probes.

In applications where the dielectric constant is very low, and over very long ranges, the Rosemount 5300 excels with the Probe End Projection function.

The radar wave propagation speed depends on the dielectric constant of the medium, so it is possible to calculate the level with the help of the probe end. The speed of the radar wave is faster in air than in media, so by knowing the exact length of the probe, it is possible to use the reflection from the probe end to calculate the level.

A robust and accurate level measurement is required for saturated steam applications and extreme operating conditions. Dynamic Vapor Compensation is a feature that ensures high accuracy level measurement in these applications.

Microwave pulses move more slowly in saturated steam than in air, as a result the surface appears to be lower than it actually is. By using a probe with an integrated reference reflector, the Rosemount 5300 uses the vapor dielectric constant and the speed of the pulse in the steam to find the true level.

Signal Quality Metrics is a unique diagnostics function which proactively alerts the operator ahead of potential issues by tracking probe coating/build-up and reacting in the case of issues caused by heavy foaming.

Sticky products may coat the probe. If the coating becomes too thick, the level signal becomes weaker and maintenance needs to be carried out. With Signal Quality Metrics, the operator can track signal quality and receive notification when the quality degrades. 

The Rosemount 5300 can measure most solid materials and is not affected by dust or other disturbing process conditions. The Rosemount 5300 offers special features to cope with solids measurement. These include Probe End Projection which helps the radar to calculate the signal when the signal is degraded, and Signal Quality Metrics which help to determine if there is extreme build up on the probe which can affect measurements. The Rosemount 5300 is the perfect choice for small silos.

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