Installing an OCX8800

About Combustion Analyzers

Combustion analyzers for process analysis, emissions monitoring, and combustion optimization.


Applications for Improving Flue Gas Analysis

With combustion analysis from Emerson, see how you can reduce installation and maintenance costs. Or seamlessly update existing equipment.

You will create a more efficient operation with lower operating costs while meeting regulatory compliance. We offer a complete, trouble-free solution that improves boiler efficiency and uptime. Combustion analysis helps lower fuel costs, minimize flue gas emissions and meet regulatory requirements.

Combustion Optimization

Here is an example of excess O2 gas stratification that can occur in the exhaust duct of a large, multi-burner fired boiler. This stratification makes installing a grid of multiple O2 probes important on many large industrial and utility boilers. This enables the operator to get a representative average excess O2 measurement for air-fuel ratio control and to detect combustion imbalances that can limit boiler performance and increase emissions.

Combustion flue gas analysis has been used by operators for decades as a method of optimizing air/fuel ratio. By measuring the amount of excess oxygen and/or CO in the flue gases from combustion, plant operators can operate at the best heat rate efficiency, lowest NOx, and generate the least amount of greenhouse gas. This measurement is important for any combustion process with emissions escaping into the atmosphere. Applications are boilers and fired process heater furnaces.

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This blog post gives you an easy way to compare the difference in measurements from an in situ zirconium oxide O2 probe, and an extractive portable oxygen analyzer. The portable analyzer will often produce a measurement higher than the measurement produced by the in situ analyzer.

The difference in readings is often explained by the difference in "net" oxygen measurement versus "gross” oxygen measurement; and the difference between "wet" oxygen measurement versus “dry” oxygen measurement.


Featured Applications

Optimizing a combustion process with zirconia sensors in a high temperature, high particulate diatomaceous earth kiln environment.

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