Electric Valve Actuation for Global Industrial Applications

EIM is known for its innovative electric valve actuators built for harsh industrial applications. Intelligent, electric actuation technologies and controls intuitively designed for quick disassembly and easy maintenance, long term reliability, and proven safe valve operation in emergency shutdowns.  EIM leads in mechanical spring-return fail-safe technologies across a vast torque range.

You will find EIM products throughout the processing industries - oil and gas, power, refining, chemical, petrochemical, water/wastewater and mining.  EIM actuators and controls have a proven track record for reliable performance in critical shutdown applications.  



Dependable EIM Electric Actuators Improve Coker Operational Uptime at Louisiana Refinery

“EIM’s actuators have definitely improved the electric actuator reliability, decreased downtime and improved productivity in our coker units." - Instrumentation Engineer

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